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IMG_7554 TAYLOR REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE – Had a wonderful time with Doug and Jill Taylor sharing my experiences with the adaptive reuse of historic barns and carriage houses throughout Pennsylvania’s Chester and Delaware Counties. My specialized work with church facilities has given me the understanding of how to work with a variety of structures, styles and ages, and has given me the opportunity and knowledge on how to overcome the bewildering process of saving these historic resources. Like us on Facebook at and remember to check out our webpage at  Watch my interview with the TAYLOR REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE

Over the last forty-five years, Dimensional Dynamics has served churches across the United States with architectural and planning services to meet their ministry and facility needs.  This is our main focus and purpose – to serve churches in an area where they are in their greatest need.  It is rare for a church to have expertise in church facility design, in the preparation of construction documents, and in the administration of those documents during construction.  In fact this is not what they are called to do; so when our founder Rev. L. Gordon Bucy found himself in the midst of three different building programs at the churches he served, he realized that it was not just the church who was lacking in this expertise, but also the local architects who did not know how churches function.

Churches are a unique blend of members, the Body of Christ with all its differences when done well, work together in unison and harmony for one purpose, to spread the good news of the Gospel.  But when the focus comes off of their purpose for being, Continue Reading

It was in 1996 that my previous business partner, Gary Sharp, and I bought 455 Old Baltimore Pike in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to be our new home for Dimensional Dynamics, Architects and Planners, Inc.  The firm had been located since its founding in 1971 by Rev. L. Gordon Bucy, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with the exception of the three years we spent in the lower level of Gary’s home in Chadds Ford after the death of Gordon in 1993.

The commercial property we purchased along historic Route One, (which runs along the East Coast from the top of Maine down to bottom of Florida), was Continue Reading