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How many churches have you heard of giving all their money to the contractor and then the contractor running off? Or how many projects have you seen the church accept this wonderfully low bid only to have, during construction, the contractor rack up change order after change order after change order? This happens all the time and I feel Continue Reading


How many churches have you known that have received bids from their contractors only to realize the bid prices are significantly higher than what they have to spend?  As previously stated there are many reasons this happens.  It is not easily avoided, but with the right information and management, especially during the preparations of the construction documents, it can be hopefully controlled.

To avoid the “unknown” numerous churches have tried many of the new construction relationships that are currently at their disposal.  Some have been successful, some have not.  It is hard to say with factual certainty that one process of construction is better for a church than another, however, I personally prefer Continue Reading