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Over the years how many church facilities do you think you have visited?  As a visitor to that church how easy did you find it to not only access the site and building but to also find your way around that facility once you were inside?  Taking on the persona of a visitor, how inviting is it for people to access your church facility?

In my work with churches, I have visited hundreds of them over the years.  And though I have become adept in interpreting what I find, I am still constantly surprised by so many churches’ inability to accommodate a visitor to their site and facility.  Most churches I visit need a map and or a personal guide just to get a visitor from the main entrance to the nursery or for that matter the bathrooms!  Is this the approach we want to offer our guests, making it a challenge for them to be comfortable within our own church home?

The welcoming attitude we all want our congregations to exhibit should also extend Continue Reading