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Over the last forty-five years, Dimensional Dynamics has served churches across the United States with architectural and planning services to meet their ministry and facility needs.  This is our main focus and purpose – to serve churches in an area where they are in their greatest need.  It is rare for a church to have expertise in church facility design, in the preparation of construction documents, and in the administration of those documents during construction.  In fact this is not what they are called to do; so when our founder Rev. L. Gordon Bucy found himself in the midst of three different building programs at the churches he served, he realized that it was not just the church who was lacking in this expertise, but also the local architects who did not know how churches function.

Churches are a unique blend of members, the Body of Christ with all its differences when done well, work together in unison and harmony for one purpose, to spread the good news of the Gospel.  But when the focus comes off of their purpose for being, Continue Reading


How many churches have you heard of giving all their money to the contractor and then the contractor running off? Or how many projects have you seen the church accept this wonderfully low bid only to have, during construction, the contractor rack up change order after change order after change order? This happens all the time and I feel Continue Reading


How many churches have you met with that have never spoken with their architect about their financial ability? How many churches have you met with that do not understand the difference between construction costs and project costs? Too many times I am faced with a committee that does not want to share their finances with me or for that matter has never even discussed their financial ability with the finance officer of their church. How is an architect supposed to design a feasible solution to meet their needs if no one knows how much money there will be to build with? Or for that matter Continue Reading